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Private Tutors Zimbabwe will help you find the best home tutor to help you or your child succeed academically. We have a team of qualified and experienced tutors ready to enrich you with knowledge. Your tutor will come over to your home, office or any other desired place for lessons. You can schedule your lessons for weekends, weekdays or both. Private Tutors Zimbabwe ensures that you get an out-of-this-world, professional tutoring service!

Who might need home tutoring?
* School kids who need extra help after school and during weekends.
* School leavers who want to supplement failed subjects.
* Adult learners who would like to upgrade themselves academically.
* Tertiary or professional course students who need a one-on-one assistance for course mastery.
* Individuals who would like to learn a new language or skill.

What subjects do we offer?
Our coverage is very broad. We can find you a tutor for any subject you wish to learn. This includes:
* Primary school subjects
* Junior secondary, O Level and A level subjects.
* University and professional course modules.
* Languages e.g. french, shona, english, spanish etc.
Our tutors also provide academic support for university students with assignment execution, dissertations etc.

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